Back to School

Classroom is set up, everything is labeled, supplies are organized. Now the students are coming. Right. We need something to do with them those first few days!

Here is a fun project to do with your kids in that tricky first week back to school. Ask students to think of their favourite memories from the summer, and draw pictures of what they did in the sunglasses. Next, have them write a few sentences or words about their holiday. These make a great display for that first week back, and I use this project to teach the kids how to use the pencil crayons or other colours that we share in the classroom. Each student gets a chance to explore the shared supplies, and I get a chance to see where they are in terms of fine motor, artistic skills, and writing. Students love this project because they get the chance to share what they did over the summer with their peers and with me. This is a great first step to building a thriving classroom community that will flourish throughout the year. Get your copy here. The package includes many different layouts for various levels.

Here is another fun activity to help your kids get familiar with where things are in the classroom. Send them on a scavenger hunt to find some key places in the classroom. I have provided some basic locations, but feel free to add your own in the blank templates. This will not only get the kids looking around the classroom, but it will also provided the much needed movement break during that first week! You can get your copy here.

Best of luck in your first few weeks back!

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