Changing Routines

Getting back into routine isn’t easy. For example, my new summer routine has included sleeping in a bit, going for a walk, making a coffee, reading the news, then finally getting ready for my day. That’s going to change dramatically when September hits. The same goes for your new students coming to their new classroom. Here’s a few ideas I had to help ease that transition back to school!

Back to School Bundle

Just to make it easy here’s everything in one place.

This bundle includes:
Parent Information Sheets – Get all of your parent contact and student pick up information in one place.

Ten Apples Up on Top Class Book – Practice counting, printing, and fine motor skills to create a cute class book students can read throughout the year

Bucket Filling A-Z Class book – How many ways can you fill a bucket? Develop a kind classroom community while creating another class book for students to read all year. Each page includes space for a bucket filling action, and picture, and the student’s name.

All About Me Crayons – Get to know your students with this simple drawing/writing activities. Suggested book list included.

Hopes and Dreams Templates – What do your students want to learn and do? Get to know each child as an individual and watch them set and achieve goals throughout the year.

Daily 5 Stamina Charts – Track your students stamina and watch it grow! Great incentive to use with the whole class. Includes Read to Self, Read to Someone, Listen to Reading, Work on Writing, Word Work, and a blank template! 2 styles included.

Sight Word and Printing practice – Two birds, one great resource. Get your students familiar with a few high frequency sight words while practicing neat printing and letter formation.

Number of the Day – Build independence and number sense with a number each day. This package has numbers 1-50 with blank templates to choose your own numbers. Students work on skills such as place value, number formation, ten frames, a 100 chart, and more.

Looking Back at Summer Writing – A fun writing project for back to school! Have your students draw their favourite memories from summer holidays in the sunglasses and write about what they did. Comes with multiple options for tracing, printing, and writing layouts.

Classroom Scavenger Hunt – Get your students familiar with their new classroom. This activity gets students up and moving, as well as helps them to learn where important things are found. This package comes with a pre made template as well as blank ones so you can tailor it to your own classroom.

Back to school Clipart – Cute back to school art work to incorporate into your activities. For both personal and commercial use.

So, download your bundle right here!

And finally, just to help you keep track of those pesky pencils that always seem to disappear immediately, here’s a freebie just for you!

Pencil Flags

Get your pencil flags here!

Let me know how you’re preparing for those first few weeks! xoxo

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