Daily 5, Routines, and Structure…Oh My!

So once you have your classroom looking amazing, and everything is neatly labeled, organized and colour coded, the kids show up… Whew! Over the summer I almost forgot how busy they are. Almost. Time to start implementing some routines to make everyone’s life a bit easier. This is where the Daily 5 comes in!

I love the Daily 5 structure and the independence it brings. To help me get started each year, I go over routines slowly, and take baby steps to build stamina. Take a look at the creators of this structure, the Two Sister’s, website TheDailyCafe.com.

Now where to begin…

I use these posters, I charts, check ins, and conferring sheets to build routines and keep track of where my kids are at. Remember, patience is the key! It takes time to build their little stamina up to 15 minutes! (or more!) Start slowly and be persistent. It always pays off.

What’s Included:

Daily 5 Posters – I put these up above the materials needed for each task. For example, the “Word Work” poster goes above my word work tools!

I charts – I is for Independence. These are the skills students need to complete each of the Daily 5 tasks independently, freeing you up to work one on one! There are blank templates included so you can fill them out with your students.

Check in charts – Keep track of what choices your students are making, and how often you are conferring with them.

Conferring pages – Take notes and keep track of what you are doing with your students and what steps they need to take next!

Click here to get your Daily 5 Starter Pack!

For more ideas on the Daily 5, take a peek at my Daily 5 Bundle!

This bundle includes 5 resources to get Daily 5 running smoothly in your classroom so you have more time to work one on one with students!

Included are the Daily 5 Starter Pack, and:
Daily 5 Stamina Graphs – Keep track of your student’s growing stamina each day with these visual charts. Includes Read to Self, Read to Someone, Listen to Reading, Word Work, Work on Writing, and a blank chart. There are two styles to choose from and stamina goes up to 20 minutes.

Work on Writing Centers – This pack includes many ideas to set your students up with writing! The pages can be used as part of writing centers, folders, stations, or whole group lessons. The templates are flexible and can be adapted to any writing lesson.

Friendly letters
Sentence Starters
Picture Prompts
Fill in the blanks
Word Prompts
and extra lined writing paper to extend any project.

All activities come with both interlined and straight lines templates.

Super Hero Sight Words – These practice pages are designed to fit your spelling program. Simply copy the pages your students want to do, and turn them into a booklet, or give them out a day at a time. Students will become familiar with how they work, but they never get old because there are new words every week! You’ll be the superhero teacher!

Sight Word and Printing Practice – Why not both? With this package, students get the much needed printing practice on interlined pages but each letter has a high frequency sight word attached to double the learning.

Click here to find the bundle in my Teacher’s Pay Teacher’s store. Don’t forget to click to follow button to keep up on any new products!

Freebie time! To help more with routines and structure, here are my Hallway Agreement posters. Enjoy!

As always I love to hear your feedback! Email me with any questions or leave a comment below!

xoxo Robynne

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