Math Start Up

Now that we have somewhat of a routine in place, it’s time to start with some curriculum. Here are a few easy ways to integrate numbers into each day.

Number of the Day

I start this on the first day of school with number 1. After going through the page and skills together for a couple days, students are able to quickly complete the activities independently. It also helps with fine motor skills, and learning to write down the numbers instead of just telling answers. This activity also allows you to track how students are doing, and there are many skills you can assess. Skills also increase as the numbers get larger, and there are blank copies at the end of the package so you can fill in your own numbers! You can get a copy here.

50 and 100 charts

I use these charts all the time. You can either play an “I-spy” type game, practice counting along to music and pointing to the numbers, colour by numbers, play the “greater than or less than” game, bingo, or anything else you can think of. I start with the charts that are already filled out so that students can get familiar with the numbers and patterns. We play a few games with these charts and then they go into their math folders. Next I start using the charts with the missing numbers, and have students fill in the blanks before we can play the games. Get your copies here!

K-1 Practice with “I can” statements

Students love to feel successful. By starting basic practice with “You can…” students will feel confident that by the end of it they will be saying “I can!”. These practice sheets cover the basic skills of early numeracy and allow you to see where your students are. I use the sheets at the start of the year, and then I give them out again around Christmas and again at the end of the year. I lets you see how students are improving, and shows them that they¬†can think like mathematicians. Find a copy here.

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