Prepped, planned, and saving time… mostly

So I’ve had my kids for two weeks now. We have practiced lining up, moving around the classroom, and getting routines in place. They have learned the classroom agreements and are (mostly) following them. Now how do I know where they are academically?

Since it’s grade one, everything takes time. They need to learn all of the routines, and their daily 5 stamina is a grand total of about 3 minutes. Great. I also have 5 million things to prep and organize, so there’s not much time yet for assessment one-on-one. This is where my sight word punch cards come in.

I print out a card for each student, and then whenever I have a spare 30 seconds, I call one of them to come and read as many words as they can from the card. Every time they get one correct, I punch it with a hole punch. They love to collect punches and see if they can fill the whole card, and it’s quick and easy for me. I can then go back and add the information to my notes and circle charts (Thank you Joyful Literacy!) at home while relaxing and watching tv.

The added bonus of these punch cards is that the next time I want to test sight words, I can just pick up the same card and keep going. I never have to go back and re-test the words that the kids already know! Click here to find your copy.

Now along with all of this prep and back to school, someone is bound to get sick. If that someone is you, get ahead of the game with my Guest Teacher Folder plans. Just fill them out before hand and keep them ready. This way there is no scramble to plan while you are feeling sick!

All you need is a pocket folder! Simply print the pages, fill them out, and put them into a folder! Done! Planning for a sub couldn’t be easier. Click here to get yours.

Freebie time! This is a great activity for any subject, and it’s an easy one to leave in your sub folder for any day!

Get your freebie here!

As always, I’d love to hear your comment or ideas.



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