Scaredy Squirrel Goes to School

Everyone gets worried about something. For Scaredy Squirrel, (the character in my favourite book series by Melanie Watt), it’s killer bees. For the new students coming to my class on Wednesday it’s probably the fear of a new classroom, new teacher, new friends, new routine, and the list goes on. Yikes.

Here’s an idea I had to do with my kids to help them understand some of those worries and fears in a fun way.

Scaredy Squirrel Writing Project

After reading the book Scaredy Squirrel with my students, I had them think up some of the new things they they have had to try, or were nervous about doing. Then we talked about some other new things Scaredy Squirrel could try, like going to school, taking swimming lessons, or learning gymnastics.

Once each child had chosen something for Scaredy to do in their stories, we started writing. The books were engaging, silly, and lots of fun to read when they were finished. In my template, there is a teacher’s guide and example along with various pages so you can adapt the writing to the level of your students. You can get your copy here.

Another fun back to school project is creating all about me trading cards.

I use the templates in Science, Social, Language Arts, and tons more. Let me know what great ideas you can come up with for them! You can get them for free right here!

As always, I’d love to hear from you. Please email me with questions, leave me feedback on my TPT page, or comment below!



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